Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Ex-Effect

When Mr Butterscotch and I got married we never really had to have the talk of "so can my ex come to the wedding". It was just a non issue. But I always find it very interesting when a couple for whatever reason feels compelled to invite one of the ex’s.

This past Saturday Ivana Trump walked down the aisle at her ex husbands estate Mar-a-Lago. Now we all know that both Ivana and Donald have moved on from their 13 year marriage. Since Donald and Ivana had three children together it is so nice to see them getting along as an extended family.
Now I am all for happily family time but this wedding filled with unique moments A) Donald sister was the officiant B) Ivana had 25 (yep, 25!) bridesmaids and C) Donald had been remarried a few years prior on the same estate.

So where do you stand on having the ex coming to your wedding? What about the ex family at your wedding?
Don't get me wrong if my non existent rich ex were to offer me his lavish estate for my wedding I would jump on that offer! But would you? Be honest, if you ex offered a amazing location for your wedding, would you take him up on it?

Here are a few more pictures of the wedding (check out that floral arch!!!).

Here is Donald picture at his 2005 wedding at the same estate.

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