Friday, August 31, 2007

Its almost 5 o'clock

Sure everyone tells the bride your day will go by so fast. So when my sister came in to our bridal suite and said "It's almost 5 o'clock we should start getting ready" I was shocked. I still would swear to you I had just looked at a clock and it was 3! Oh well, I wouldn't complain about getting into my wedding dress! Here are our professional getting ready pictures.
Pictures taken by Tor Clausen

Time to head up stairs for our bridal party pictures...What do you think so far? I love how the black and white pictures look! I swoon every time I look at them. More to come soon!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Freeze frame

And I have pictures to prove it! Our wedding day was perfect! The sun was shining and birds were chirping from the moment I got up. I really don't even know where to start! I guess if I could freeze time at any point of the day it would be this moment.

I know some brides would choose the moment they first saw their groom. But not me. At this moment as we exited the church the bells were chiming and our families and friends were cheering with joy! And we were husband and wife! Ok, ok, ok it was basically my Cinderella moment come to life. ***Watch the end of Disney Cinderella and you will know exactly what I am talking about.
Photography: Tor Clausen
If I was a teacher I would give him A+++! I met Tor last year when I was a maid of honor at my friend Kori wedding. I loved the photos he took at her wedding so it was an easy choice when I got engaged a few months later. Tor has a wonderful way about him and he can put anyone at ease. Which is exactly what we needed since the groom is shy and not fond of taking pictures. tor was always available to answer my questions prior to the wedding. He was at the church on time and had already scoped out some great places for us to take pictures. I can honestly say I didn't even really notice him around that much, that was how well he blended in with the crowd. His prices are very reasonable and the finished product...well I can honestly say I couldn't be more pleased.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Ok let me see a show of hands, how great are honeymoons??? Everyone should take a honeymoon! Its better than a vacation! St. Thomas was so beautiful, we spent 24 hours a day together and...we get to come back to the same house!!! It was like the icing on my honeymoon cake!
When we got back I had a fun surprise in my mail...My pictures! I will be back in full form this week. I cannot wait to share!

Monday, August 20, 2007

That darn Dean!

We are very lucky that hurricane Dean has passed over our honeymoon location. I almost feel like we should be wiping our brows with a "phew". Our final two choices were Mexico or the Virgin Islands. And the only reason we didn't choose Mexico is because we knew we could easily get there one day. But I cannot even imagine how frustrating it is for everyone else that has their honeymoons hanging in the balance. Does anyone else have a honeymoon back up plan?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I feel like Dorothy after she landed in OZ. What a whirlwind of a weekend I had! The wedding was wonderful! Not one snag during the whole day.

Here is a teaser picture taken by my beyond wonderful photographer Tor.

Practice makes perfect

Friday night before the wedding we had our rehearsal. We had a great time! Everyone was there on time 6pm sharp! A few months prior our pastor that was performing the ceremony had told us that when it came to the rehearsal he would be running the show. And he did just that. I think we were done in less than 45 minutes.

Here are the girls getting the aisle ready. We used chiffon and hydrangeas. HA! I caught Trisha off guard!

All the girls came down alone one by one and here is my sister the maid of honor

Ok dad its our turn

All us girls ready to go at the front

Ok now we get to practice putting on our imaginary rings...

A fake kiss a few moments later and ta dah! The rehearsal was over. Next it was time to party at the rehearsal dinner!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Good Morning!

It a little before 7am and I am wide awake! I did pretty good I got about 5 hours sleep. I went to bed at 11, woke up at 2 watched some tv and went back to sleep. Yeah right! I just laid there praying I would fall asleep so I wouldn't have puffy eyes. thankfully eventually I did, only to have my alarm wake me up what seemed like to be 15 minutes later. Oh well, don't want to sleep the day away.
Last night rehearsal was a huge hit! Everyone left fully and not one slice of pizza was left in a box. I wasn't nervous just excited, but not jittery excited a calm wave came over me as I came into the church. Maybe I had too much to do or maybe Mr Butterscotch slipped a calm pill in my drink (kidding). Whatever it was I hope I have that same calm feeling today. In about 7 hours I will be walking down the aisle with my father by my side to my groom, yippy!!!!! I can't wait to tell you all about it (in a few days, wink :))

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Wedding Eve!

I just got a text from Kori one of my BM. Happy Wedding Eve it said. Wow! It is the eve of my wedding day! Crazy how fast this time has gone by so quickly. I am so excited! I cannot even listen to our first dance song without tearing up. And today I get to go pick up my dress!!!!! It will be all pressed and ready for the big day! Tonight is my rehearsal :)! We are having a very casual dinner following. Our church has a huge brick courtyard (very Italian). What would go best with an Italian courtyard??? Well Italian food. We are having pizza, pasta and salad. I really wanted to do Italian sodas but I decided to keep it simple so water and pop it is. I think that will be more the enough. How formal or casual are you going for you rehearsal?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

When to take it off...

I just started to think...When do I want to take my veil off. It's a one layer catherderal length. But do I want to take it off prior to entering the reception or right after? I like the idea of walking in with it on but I dont want to dance in it. Hmmmm...When are you taking off your veil? What do you think I should do?

Selective hearing

I had always had a theory that Mr Butterscotch had selective hearing. He proved my theory 100% with one phone call yesterday. We have a few guy friends of his that will be helping out during the day. I asked most of them to wear something in our color pallete of Lavender and sapphire or french blue. I sent them all emails and even spoke personally to many of them. Please keep in mind Mr Butterscotch picked our spefic blues back in December.
Miss B-Hey babe
Mr B-Hey, so what color blue should the guys wear?
Miss B- Saphire or french blue
Mr B- So like what,? A navy blue?
Miss B-No, not navy. A blue, Like that blue shirt that most men have, a french blue. Or a darker blue but lighter than navy.
Mr. B- ANd they can wear purple too?
Miss B-Yep, like a lavender, not purple like a grape, much lighter than that.
Mr B- So no purple?
Miss B-UGH!!! Are you kidding me?
Mr B-What? I love you...(he knew I was getting annoyed)
Miss B-Just have them wear any blue or a light purple. And I love you too. Do you remember us talking about this months ago?
Mr B- I love you.
Miss B-I love you too.

What has your groom had to ask you about, even after you have talked about it many times before?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nope, I dont need any help, thanks...

I admit it I am an organized bride! I like being organized. I knew we had almost a year to plan the wedding so I started planning early. I set a deadline of last weekend to have it all done and if it wasn't done well...too late. And I was able to get it all done just as I had planned. And now in my last week of planning I am getting tons (more than normal) amounts of friends wanting to help with unfinished stuff. I feel bad because I just keep telling them "nope, I don't need any help, thanks. I finished that a few weeks ago." Maybe I should have waited....anyways, as I sat alone on the couch relaxing on Sunday watching We go bridal Sunday and the style network wedding marathon, it dawned on me, what the heck will I do with my allotted weekend wedding time? I mean I have had things planned revolving around DIY projects, tastings, fittings for months. And now I am sitting at home eating fat free vanilla ice cream (can't eat the real stuff for another week :()watching bridal shows galore. I started to cry because this was it! My last Sunday, and tomorrow would be my last Monday and soon Tuesday. My final week as a engaged person was counting down. My perfect engaged time would be metamorphosing into a marriage. Shortly after Mr Butterscotch surprised me and came home early, he just took one look at me (did I mention, I looked like a crazy person, ratty hair, glasses, PJ's with huge flowers, basically I was a hot mess!) anyways, he just looked at me and laughed which made me laugh. He saw I what I was watching, came over gave me a kiss and decided I needed to get out the house. Ahhh....just what I needed.
Has anyone else had a had their pre-wedding breakdown? How bad was yours?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Single digits

We are down to a single digit for our countdown. And guess what?!?! I started to get a little flutter in my stomach! Not nervous flutters but excited flutters! This also means I am finally able to check the 10 day forcast. And mother nature and I are now best friends. Sunny weather! Yippy! Now I can even check off the weather from my list of things to take care of. Yes, I had my sunshine dance ready to go, and yes it did involve the lyrics of "rain, rain, go away come again another day"! Can anyone else tell what there wedding day weather will be like yet?

Friday, August 3, 2007

The best $60 I have ever spent!

What did I get for $60 that I could official say was worth every penny???? Our marriage licence! Yeah!!! Mr Butterscotch and I went down to the administration building this week and got our licence. Here in Seattle you must have your licence 3 days prior to the wedding ceremony. But the nice thing is that you can go and get the licence 60 days prior to the ceremony. The office does close at 4:30 and I think our receipt is stamped 4:27. No blood tests, no passports, just our drivers licences and a quick oath that we told the truth on our application. It was so easy! What are the rules in your neck of the woods? Any tips on how to make the process smooth?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Do you want me to get you some singles???

That is my only question that I will asked Mr Butterscotch on his bachelor party night. Really, I have no concerns when it comes to his big night out. Maybe its is because I know he isn’t into the strip club idea, maybe its because I know (most of) his friends wouldn’t allow him to act a fool, maybe it’s because he doesn’t drink alcohol so I know he will be aware of his actions. Or maybe it is because I totally trust him.
I have been very surprised by how many women give me the “you poor thing” look when I tell them that Mr. Butterscotch is having his bachelor party this weekend. But I really am OK with it. I had my party and so should he. I was talking with a few girlfriends and they had stories about how upset and mad they were when their husbands had a bachelor parties. One person even cancelled his trip to Mexico with the guys!!! Another told me she had rules for him.
1. No strippers
2. No kissing other girls
3. You must come home tonight. and it went on….
Frankly I was thinking if #2 was even something you thought he would do then you have bigger problems than his bachelor party.
This got me thinking…Is this something I should be paranoid about? Are you nervous about his bachelor party or is he nervous about yours?