Friday, May 18, 2007

New dress!

Ok so my dress isn't new but I did make a change to it. I went to my first fitting today and took along pictures. Now some seamstresses may think I was being crazy but not mine! She was happy to make the changes I requested without blinking an eye. Needless to say I was Thrilled with a capital T! Here is a picture of the look I was changing...


I had the back dipped down to a V rather than straight accross. What do you think?

Game Over!

Ok so I am pretty anti-extra wedding crap. I have mentioned before I am not wasting my money on a bride t-shirt or hoodie with "future mrs" on it. However I did buy a white juicy hoodie because I can wear it after the wedding. So I have loved the Game Over t-shirts for guys ever since I saw them. I wasn't going to buy one but with my man flying down to Miami for his last vacation as a single man with a few friends I decided this shirt would be a funny welcome home gift for him. I just ordered it from amazon and it was priced right at just $12!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Return of my guilty Pleasure

Since we got engaged in September I have been looking at lots of wedding and marriage related sources. Places like weddingbee, the knot and my guilty please bridezilla. Oh how I love that show! It has shown me when it is acceptable and justifiable to be a bridezilla vs. unjustified "bridezilla" moments. granted the word bridezilla has been banned from my BM mouths. (One of them had the nerve to tell me I was being a bridezilla cause I wanted to get a dress I liked, hellooooo how is wearing the damn dress) So as you can see I had to make it know I was no bridezilla just a bride. I am tempted to make them sit down and watch bridezilla with me when it starts back up on June 17!

With this ring...

I can now check off getting the grooms ring from my list. It was more than I wanted to originally spend on his ring but he did like it more than just the plain band so I gave in. I think I am going to put the date our first date and our wedding date in as the engraved part. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My first one

My first rsvp came back yesterday! My my and one the grooms aunts sent theirs to us. So exciting! Now I just have to keep track of who is a yes and who is a no and get our B list invites ready for any declines we get.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Shoe update

So I went to visit my dress again. I needed to...I need to measure for veil length now that I have my shoes. Well at least I thought I had my shoes. One of teh greatest things about being 5'7" is that I never have to get things altered. Normally pants fits me to a T! So I put on my cute new shoes went out to shoe my girlfriends and low and behold my damn dress was about an inch off the freaking ground. Sure most people would say what the big deal. Well it urked me enough so I went and got a new pair (uglier than the last). One more visit to the dress and hopefully this time It will work out.
Here they are...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Horizontally challanged

If my fiance had his way we both would be wearing Nike's to the wedding. Thank god he wont be getting his way. But he and I are the exact same height. Normally this doesn't bother him. Sure he doesn't love my 3 inch heels but on a general day he could care less. However for the wedding he asked me "so your not like going to wear really high heels are you?" Uhhh....I guess not??? So I have been in denial and ha vent even bothered to look at shoes. I am a shoe whore and now I cannot get the sexy tall dreamy shoes I crave. Oh the things I do for love. We if I could get the shoes I wanted I was going to make sure we were the same height. So we made trip to my favorite wedding store in Seattle. They had a great selection of shoes with all different heel heights. I narrowed it down to two pairs.
This pair was about an 2" heel...

and this pair was about an 3"

So guess which one he proffered. Yep the first one! But the first pair were actually crazy comfortable. And I really like the open toe (no point of getting a pedi if you don't show if off). So everyone left happy!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

They are in the mail...

I dropped the invitations off in the mail. They have been a work in progress for the last few months and finally they are free! I mailed them off about 2.5 months in advance. If you read my rant below about the post office you will know why they were sent out two weeks early. But without any further ado here they are...

I decided not to use an outer envelop. I loved the color of my pockets so I rather use that. But I also personalized the rsvp cards. I used punches on all the corners and I wanted to continue that delicate look on the lables that I chose. I wasn't able to find anything that really matched so i came up with my own labels. I loved them!

Ahhh...a job well done!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Ta dah...

Ok this is really a half ta dah, maybe just a ta! Here are the dresses my sisters and best friends will be wearing.
This is the dress all the bridesmaids get to prance around in. At first I didn't like the ribbon but this color is good but I still haven't seen any of my girls in the dress yet.

This lavender dress for the usher my future sister in law. She will be walking her mom down the aisle and my brother will be in lavender as well walking my mom down the aisle.

Here they are together. It's blurry but you get the idea...

Sunday, May 6, 2007


I have searched high and low for the perfect card box for my guest to drop their cards into. I couldn't find a box so maybe paper would do. But no paper with the colors of our wedding even really made. I even checks the catalog of paper. Well maybe I could use the fabric that I am doing the ring pillow in... eh...I already had that planned around the room. Its a lovely plaid silk shantung. But I think I wanted something plainer. I had all but given up. Then I went into our local container store and low and behold boxes! Made out of what you ask...Shantung!!! And the price is right too! They range from $2 to $8!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Going Postal

UGH!!! That is all I have to say about the post offfice. I finally finished my DIY invites and took one to be weighed at the post office. And guess what??? They have new rules regarding pockets. I was planning on mailing them out in three weeks but due to the additional cost they are hitting mail boxes by next friday. What are the new rules you ask...
1. Stamp prices are going up
2. Pocket thickness has changed (less room than before)
3. 4 bar rsvp sizes need to right on otherwise, you guessed it! They will be charging you more now.
4. Invites need to be bendable or they will be considered ridged and an extra cost will be added.
5. Additional cost for plastic slip covers. I don't know if this is a new rule or not but just thought I would mention it.
Total cost $0.87 (my invites were 2.5 oz) If I would have waited the cost would have been $1.75! I saved almost a $1.00 per invite! Crazy! I will have pictures next week!

Friday, May 4, 2007

For the kids

I decided to make a coloring book for the 6 or 7 kids we will have at the wedding. I found this cute clip art only problem was the bride and groom were a little too pale and dark to be us. I know that may seem silly to some people, but growing up it always urked me that children toys never were of a little mixed girl like me. So I got out my handy dandy photoshop and lightened the groom up and darkened the bride. What do you think...


Thursday, May 3, 2007


So I was recently on my favorite wedding site and I noticed one of the bees posted a link to Martha Stewart. Apparently Martha is now helping the DIY brides with less skill to make some of her great ideas. Such as the paper flowers and paper puffs. I think this is great. But so overpriced! My BM Kori made puffs for her 2006 wedding and at way less cost than Martha. Look at all the colors you can get! One bundle is 480 sheets for only $32.00 at packaging specialties! Kori had like 4 different colors and still had paper left over after we covered her whole ceiling at the reception. It just goes to show that shopping around is always a good idea.

Kori photo is from Tor Clausen studio

Menu check

As I blogged about the other week we finally went in together for a tasting at our caterer. We slept on it for a few days and we finally made our menu selection. Tray passed Hors‘d oeuvres are crab and artichoke dip on toasted crostini. I still want another item to add to the tray passed hor d' oeuvres but I don't know what yet.
*Cascading vegetable landscape with garlic and cucumber dip
*Blended garden greens with tomatoes, cucumber and honey balsamic, Seasonal fresh *Fruit and berry display
*grilled Thai chicken satays with peanut sauce
*Baked chicken Brest with wild mushroom in white wine sauce
*Hungarian beef tips.
We had a choice on our starch items. My dad like potatoes and my fiance liked the steamed Jasmine rice. Since he is use to having rice with most meals we went with the rice. I wish I could send a note in my invites telling people to come with an appitite! We will have plenty of food! Now that we have the food we get to taste the cakes...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Reality tv junkie

Ok I will admit it I really like reality tv. I don't know why. It all started with the real world back on season 1 in NY. And then road rules, amazing race, top model, project runway and in my lowest of low moments flava flav. Now E has Katie and Peter. Well at first I was a little apprehensive and just thought they were a fake Posh and Beckham but now after watching a few episodes I really like them. This last weekend it showed them on a cruise with their families to celebrate their engagement. I knew they were already married (saw an interview a few weeks ago with them) and so I wondered what they did to tie the knot. Did I mention they also met on another of my favorite one hit wonder reality shoes "I'm a celebrity get me out of here". Anyways, check out Katie dress. Whoa! I would have loved this dress when I was like 8 and I was really into the wizard of Oz (can you say glenda the good witch). But she looks good in it. And I think she had their first child like a few months before.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Squeals with delight

So my best friend and I love target. We squealed with delight when we found target in Sydney Australia. Al thought they had the same stuff that the Targets in the states have. It was just the mere idea of seeing that lovely red bulls eye in a foreign country. And I was so happy to hear Target will now have a bridal line! I cannot wait to see what they come up with.