Monday, March 31, 2008

2 friends + same wedding date = WAR!!!

Well it seems like Hollywood has figured out what a money maker the topic of weddings are for film. One of the highly talked about movies among brides was this years 27 Dresses. Soon we have Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey starring in Made of Honor coming out in May.

Mrs. McButterscotch *wink :)

I just found out two of my favorite actress Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson will be staring in a movie tentatively titled Bride Wars opening in 2009.

*Picture from Getty Images
Whoa, such a harsh title! So I did a little investigating to find out what the movie was about. What do you know, it actually is a topic that I have seen being talked about on the boards. Two best friends get engaged and they set their wedding date on the same day!!! Sounds like a good movie!
Well ok it doesn’t seem that the readers have quite that same problem but I know plenty of us, myself included, have scheduled our wedding dates, colors, venues and the list goes on so that we do not bump into friends weddings closely.
What is something you have done for your wedding because another friend is getting married?

Friday, March 21, 2008

Uh...sure, Easter dinner at our house...(big gulp)

*Mrs Butterscotch as a bunny back in the day.
So Mr Butterscotch and I have decided to take on the task of host hosting Easter at our house this Sunday. This is our fist big family "event" at our home and I am a little nervous to say the least. Like some of you ladies I only recently began really "throwing down" in the kitchen. Most of my culinary repitwar is only good for two people. Now I will be cooking for 15+ people! Thankfully my wonderful mother in law and sister in law are coming over to work their magic.
But still since it is at our house I have decided to take on a side food item or two, decorations and of course Easter isn't complete without an egg hunt for the kiddies!
What great hosting tips do you have for me for my first big family gathering at our house?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am 29 and No Boys Allowed

I happily lived with my parents until I got married this past August. We totally got along they loved having me there and I loved being there. I didn't have many rules most of my teen years, so they carried on when I was an adult. I could come and go as pleased, I didn't have any chores and best of all I could have people over whenever I wanted. But I did have one rule, no boys allowed in my bedroom. It wasnt because he didnt trust me. He always told me he truested me to make good choices. But he had some very strong ideas of what was and was not approrpiate for a yound lady to do. I guess in a way I agreed with him since I never asked if a guy could come into my room to hang out.
When it snowed here back in January Mr Butterscotch and I spent the night at my parents house (its is closer to both of our jobs). It was really funny having him over. We didn't sleep in my old bedroom since their is no bed but we were camped out in the living room. I had many a slumber party in that living room growing up. As I feel asleep I had a funny though about how he was the first guy to offical have the ok to sleep over. I only had to wait 29 years for that to happen!
Do any of you have a no boys allowed rule until you get married? How do you or your fiance feel about it?