Monday, October 22, 2007

What I would do again

The longer we have been married the more I have had a chance to look back on the day. It all really happened so fast, but I think we really made the most of it. If I had to do it again here is what I would not change and I would recommend for other brides. What would you recommoned to a bride to be?

1. Take a moment after the ceremony and before the reception to talk with your new husband. Mr Butterscotch and I actually had two moments. First as we exited we waited for our guest to go outside we were in a stairwell waiting. We had this short time of about 3 minutes all alone to just take in each other and the amazing thing we had just experience. Then we took a few pictures and we walked to our reception venue. Again we were alone together and we talked about the day so far and what we had each done the night before and that morning. As we walked passing cars honked and yelled congratulations. We both couldn’t stop smiling at each other. I think all couples should take a few moments together to just reflect about the ceremony and enjoy a quite moment before the reception.
Us right before we hid away in the stairwell.

2. Day of coordinator. When my friend got married last year she had Amanda as her wedding coordinator, after the wedding I heard the bride say many times that Amanda was irreplaceable. I was so lucky that Amanda was available to be my day of wedding coordinator. She was amazing! She went to our reception venue and supervised as the vendors arrived. She is an interior designer by day, but is available for day of coordinator or she can help plan from start to finish. Amanda has a refreshing passion for weddings. With her at the venue it really kept my mind at easy while I was at the church getting ready to walk down the aisle. When Amanda was done she made it to the church to give me the thumbs up, so I knew the guests would be walking into a room that was perfect!
This was one of the best thing that I did because it kept me calm and my mind off of what was going on down at the club. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a web site yet (she is working on it)
3. Plan early. I was made fun of for planning right after we set a date but for me that was so helpful. Everything was done well in advance and I never felt rushed.
4. Eat breakfast. I like most brides was so excited I was up an hour before I needed to be. So I sat down with my dad and ate breakfast. Thank goodness I did because I didn’t eat again for hours.
5. Give yourself a deadline on projects. I set a date for myself and if it wasn’t done by the week before the wedding well then it wasn’t getting done. I had the whole weekend before the wedding to relax and really enjoy what was to come.
6. Realize it’s about a marriage not a wedding. Sometimes it is hard to remember that as the day gets closer. Weddings are exciting and it really easy to have moments that you and your family forget what the day is really about. Really keep reminding yourself that this is just a moment and the really important thing is a good foundation for a happy marriage.
7. Let it go. About two weeks before the wedding I started to let go of things. If the questions that were being asked were not going to have a lasting effect on our marriage (notice it wasn’t about the wedding at that point) my response was “I don’t care”. We just had so much going on with buying our house, getting married going on a honeymoon I just didn’t care about what color nail polish was going on people toes.
8. Video tape the ceremony. We didn’t have a budget for a professional video, instead we had our friend tape our ceremony and other key parts of the day. I was so happy he did! The next morning we watched the video and I cried all over again! Sure it may not be fancy but it is well worth it if you know someone with a camera.
9. Savor each moment! From the moment you get up to the time you drive away with your new husband. Savor the all moments that occur that day.
10. Thank the key people personally. Although I thanked my dad throughout the planning, the first thing I did as we came into the reception was thank him. Last week I gave him his birthday gift it was a picture of us at the wedding. He loved it! He is currently thinking of where to hang it in the living room for it. Whether you plan on giving your family or bridesmaids and groomsmen a gift or not be sure to just thank them for taking time to be with you during the day. They really do appreciate it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spoiled little brat

That is what Mr Butterscotch will say to me, in a loving way of course. You see I am somewhat spoiled. I blame my dad. HA I am kidding! My dad raised with the help of my grandma, I was the only child in the house growing up. The person I am today is because of them. My dad is so supportive in every way, he was more than happy to make sure we had the wedding that we really wanted.
So here is my dilemma. My dad birthday is coming up. I asked myself this question, what do I get the man that never asks for more than new socks? Originally I didn't want to give our wedding pictures as gifts. I know you can do a million things photos these day! You can put them on cards, blankets, purses or even a puzzle!
But I think I have the perfect gift.

I have blown this photo up to 8x10 in metallic printing process. I was going to do a nice frame with it also. This was taken at right after we came into our reception and I was thanking my dad for well...Everything! So far I have managed to give my dad the run around on my pictures, thank goodness his birthday is next week, I don't think I can keep coming up with excuses! The gift is simple but I know he will love it. What do you think, good gift?
Are you planning on doing something unique with your pictures after your wedding?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Today Throws a Martha Stewart Wedding

Yesterday Miss Jasmine asked us the question "Would you ever let your parents choose your wedding gown for you?"
I don't know some of you were apprehensive about that. So would any of you be up for letting complete strangers plan you wedding if the total cost of the wedding to you were free?
Today was the day on Today :)! If any of you have been watching the Today show this summer you may have been following the story of Martha Stewart throwing a wedding for one lucky couple. This morning Jessica and Cody finally got to have have their dream wedding! It was amazing! For those of you who haven't been following, the audience gets to help plan the wedding by voting on key aspects of the wedding. Here are some highlights for today. Images from

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My vendor cliff notes

Photography- Tor Clausen Grade= A+
Tor was wonderful! My pictures are so pretty!

Bridal Dress- La Belle Elaine Grade= A+ by Private Label by G
My dress came on time and the staff was very nice. I also had my alteration done there and they customized the back of my dress. They did an excellent job!

Bridesmaids- Moms Maids and More Grade= A
All of our bridesmaids dress came in early and the staff was great. They do not do alterations so that is why they didn't get an A+

Tuxes- Mens Wearhouse-Tukwila Grade= C-
I know mistakes can occur but rudeness just isn't what I wanted to deal with. This is the only vendor I would not recommend.

Flowers- Loves Me Flowers by Kendra Yaple Grade= A+
She gave me ideas that I wouldn't have even thought of!

Church- Mount Baker Park Presbyterian Grade= A+
They were the best! Our pastor, church coordinator and organist made our whole day superb!

Reception- Mount Baker Club Grade= A
Great location and well kept.

DJ-Emerald City Productions Grade= A+
Kept the party going and had online requests for us and our guests.

Catering- Seasoned in Seattle Grade= A+
The food was so great and the staff was wonderful.

Cake- Despi Delite Bakery Grade= A
Our cake turned our not only pretty to look at but it was so good!

Hair- Gene Juarez in Bellevue Grade= A+
Bridal hair by Tim
Tim is the updo king! He did an amazing job!

I have better pictures in my trial post.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Cold hard cash

In some cultures it is a tradition to have a money dance. I love the money dance, and it is culturally expected in Mr Butterscotch family. But we decided early on were not planning on doing a money dance. Personally I felt our guests had "spent" more than enough on us. Just having them at the wedding was really the best gift we could have asked for. But we ended up having one, and I am so glad we did!
As we finished up our first dance one of our groomsmen and his wife (who happens to be from the same culture as Mr Butterscotch) made an announcement that the money dance was next. At that point we were up for anything so it sounded like fun!
Check out the money in my dress!

I started to fun out of place to put the money so I got my sister to hold it while I danced some more.

Whoa!!! One at a time please!

I loved having a money dance because of a few reasons.
1. I got to chat with some guests that I may not have gotten a chance to.
2. Mr B is totally shy so it was so funny seeing him dance with everyone.
3. We both laughed so hard because it was so unexpected.
4. Okay I cannot lie the extra cash was nice to have!

So this is one of those things that I was originally opposed too but ended up doing and I was so happy we did. What is/was there you are/were opposed to doing that is tradition for your culture or family?