Friday, February 1, 2008

Help me pick!

2008 has a lot of milestones in store for the Butterscotch's. We are celebrating our 30th birthday's (30 is the new 20, thank you very much) and we also will have hit our 1 year anniversary of wedded bliss. Although I plan on having a big birthday month extravaganza like always. But I want to do something extra special.
I have been dropping hints to Mr Butterscotch that I think we should do one fabulous trip to combine those two monumental occasions. And he agreed!!! But I feel like I am overwhelming him with ideas. So now I need your help.
I have narrowed down to a few places I would like to visit for either the first time or for a repeat visit.
So I turn to you the wonderful readers, I need help! What place do you think I should focus on with my hint dropping to him?

1. Italy- I have been Mr Buttah has not
2. Greece- Neither of us have been
3. France- Mr Buttah proposed to me at the Eiffel Tower
4. Bora Bora-Neither of us have been
5. Africa- Neither of us have been
6. Spain- I have been Mr Buttah has not
Or stay closer to home...
7. New York-Both of us have been

Which location should I start really pushing for? Or do you have any other places I should think about?


Sarah said...

I vote for somewhere neither of you have been yet. But it depends on what type of vaca you want. I imagine Bora Bora to be mostly drinking on the beach but Greece and Africa you would definitely want to get out and see a lot of things and be more active. My top pick at the moment is Greece but that could change tomorrow. Karl and I want to take a trip this year too and I think we've finally decided on Australia but we'll see.
Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I vote Greece.