Thursday, January 31, 2008

I have a confession

I have very few bad habits. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I always wear my seat belt. But I do love television! Yup that is my confession. I love all sorts of shows, but I have a real weakness for reality shows. You name it I have probably watched it (no really just try to stump me! :) ).
One of my regular shows Real Housewives of Orange County spent the season following around Lauri one of the housewives as she prepared for her wedding.

Her wedding to George was really spectacular. But what I really liked was it was her third wedding and I think his second and they didn’t really stick to any “second time around rules”. In fact I think the wedding they had was really just for them. It was really fun watch her pick out a dress because she met with Austin Scarlett who was a designer on Project Runway and now is a designer for Kenneth Pool bridal. Ahhh, I love when my reality shows cross paths!
Here is the bride and bridesmaids together. I love the green!

The wedding was held on their property. The ceremony was in the garden and a large tent was used for the dinner and her florist made use of all the greenery already around the property.

Can you imagine having the top designers help your personally find your dream dress!?! Well Lauri had Austin's help in finding the dress that was perfect for her! I think he did a good job!
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