Friday, March 21, 2008

Uh...sure, Easter dinner at our house...(big gulp)

*Mrs Butterscotch as a bunny back in the day.
So Mr Butterscotch and I have decided to take on the task of host hosting Easter at our house this Sunday. This is our fist big family "event" at our home and I am a little nervous to say the least. Like some of you ladies I only recently began really "throwing down" in the kitchen. Most of my culinary repitwar is only good for two people. Now I will be cooking for 15+ people! Thankfully my wonderful mother in law and sister in law are coming over to work their magic.
But still since it is at our house I have decided to take on a side food item or two, decorations and of course Easter isn't complete without an egg hunt for the kiddies!
What great hosting tips do you have for me for my first big family gathering at our house?

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Anonymous said...

My only tip would be to have a private moment away from all the people!